An Alternative Tropical Destination That Is Able to Capture Your Feelings
Langkawi is a duty-free island in the Andaman Sea, 30 km off the coast of Malaysia with population of approximately 65,000. It is the biggest island of a group of islands that consists of the archipelago bearing the same name. It belongs to the state of Kedah, which is part of Malaysia. In recent years, Langkawi has developed a rapid increase of tourism, becoming one of the most important resorts of the area and a main destination for tourists that seek tropical landscapes.

Langkawi means ‘Island of Brown Eagle’, in local language and that makes the Dataran Lang its most important landmark. It is about an enormous statue of an eagle in flying position that welcomes visitors attracting them to admire it. The point is the best known manmade attraction of the island and the imposing sculpture spurts the local’s pride. For a more integrated and panoramic view of the area, the Langkawi Cable-car is able to offer visitors an unforgettable experience, since it takes them all the way up to Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest peak. The island’s flora and fauna help offering options for education and fun at the same time. Malaysia’s largest aquarium is located in Langkawi and it is named Underwater World, while Langkawi’s Bird Paradise provides tropical gardens and exotic birds. Both are modern and family friendly facilities, giving a splendid opportunity to be entertained and informed by and about the local environment. Another perfect combination of entertainment and knowledge is the Lagenda Dalam Taman, a fantastic landscaped folklore-themed park with statues, sculptures, colorful gardens and ponds which offer visitors the opportunity to learn about the local myths and legends in majestic scenery.

Langkawi gets to balance between the modern and ancient era, trying to display that to the public in an unprecedented and unique way. Many things about the island’s history will get in front of your eyes, ready to reveal their secrets!